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December 2016 Update

December 2016 UpdateFriday was to be a day of travel ... by car ... up into the mountains with a friend ... for several reasons. The one I was looking forward to the most was time with this friend … time to talk … time to share in each others lives. But a...

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Agape LoveThe young pastor moved slowly off his hospital bed and stood looking down. I wondered why he was gazing downward. Without lifting his head, he said, “This is the first time in 14 years that I have looked down and found my knees to be level with...

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September 2016 Update

September 2016 UpdateDear Family & Friends,Laurie, Lyndi, and I returned to Peru almost a month ago. The transition back has felt like we never left. We were welcomed back to our jungle home with many familiar critters greeting us on our walkway and...

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July 2016 Update

July 2016 UpdateDear Family & Friends,Listening to the word of God as we contemplate and prepare for our return to Peru.For the love of Christ controls us, because we have concluded this: that one has died for all, therefore all have died; and he died...

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May Update 2016

May Update 2016Dear Family and Friends,Laurie, Lyndi and I are back in the USA for the months of June and July. We arrived back a day before Mitchell’s graduation from Calvin College in Civil Engineering. It was a delight to share that time with him and...

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March Update 2016

March Update 2016This past Saturday we celebrated Easter as a mission community with many of our South America Mission (SAM) friends and neighbors. It was a wonderful time of listening to one another, speaking words that encourage, and of course, enjoying...

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Prayer for our February Team

Prayer for our February TeamDear Friends and Family,Greetings from Pucallpa, Peru! We were greeted this morning by a small group of monkeys who were passing through the trees by our house. They were chattering as they went by, and I wondered at how much...

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