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Thanksgiving meditation

Recently, in a sermon, I heard something interesting that resonated with me. It is hard to have a thankful spirit. We are trained from an early age to automatically thank everyone for everything. As we grow the true sentiment fades and it becomes a reflex. In a busy...

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Long-term commitment for the spiritual and physical

Long-term commitment for the spiritual and physical One of the foundational pillars for Scalpel At The Cross is patient outcomes. This is the less visible portion of our mission that is nonetheless critical to the continuation of our work. In developed...

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Skeletal and Spiritual Deformity

Skeletal and Spiritual DeformityPeter A. Cole, M.D.This article originally appeared in Scalpel's Edge Vol. 23 Before reading beyond this paragraph, consider the manifestations of a crooked bone that doesn’t heal in proper alignment. What if you broke your...

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Agape Love

Agape Love As we heard the news of our team returning safely back home the word that resonated in my mind was “Agape”. Not the definition of a mouth being left open, the word that describes the highest form of love God displays for us. I’ve heard many...

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“Be still…”

"Be still..." We too often cite Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God” as an anthem of rest. As we previously mentioned it is important to know that God commands us to rest and meditate on His greatness. However, a closer look at the beginning of...

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Parting Words Of 2018

Parting Words Of 2018 During the close of 2018, my husband and I reflected on life together, what we envisioned it would be at this point, as well as the shared ups and downs, joys and heartaches that we could not have imagined. The emotions that come with...

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“Unto us a child was born”

"Unto us a child was born" As the fire crackles and hymns hang in the air with the aromatic smell of balsamic pinewood we ask ourselves, is this the magic of Christmas? We turn to evident signs of our abundance under our tree and the gratitude we feel...

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A life with the Scalpel

A life with the Scalpel The sound of the heavens dumping onto the jungle forest, a billion drops of water pounding on the tin roof, the smell of hot jungle mist in the air; this is one of my first memories of Pucallpa, Peru, engrained in my 8-year old...

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As we “faith forward”

As we "faith forward" I recently read a post from a friend's blog, and felt that what was shared described the maturation of Scalpel At The Cross, both as a collective entity and as individuals, to an absolute T.  She put it this way, "Faithing forward...

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