Your support allows us to bring life-changing surgery to the Peruvian Amazon

“Sending” is just as important to missions as “going.” We could not do all the amazing work without the help of God’s generosity through our partners. Thank you for walking alongside us!  If delivering compassionate healthcare and the truths of the Gospel are important to you then please consider supporting our mission.

Let’s connect! Contact Kim Gustafson, Director of Annual Giving,
at kim.gustafson@ for more information. 

Giving online is secure and easy, or donations may be sent directly to Scalpel At The Cross, P.O. Box 558436, Miami, FL 33255

Giving Opportunities:

  • Program Support: Click here to make a donation.
  • Hope & Healing Recurring Gifts Program: Click here to set up a recurring donation online.
  • Employee Giving Programs: Many employers offer a donation matching program. Contact your company’s HR department to learn more.
  • Stock Transfer Information: Gifting stock or mutual funds is a simple yet meaningful way to donate to Scalpel At The Cross. Most brokerage firms in the U.S. are able to quickly and securely transfer a gift of stock or mutual funds to
    Scalpel At The Cross electronically. Donating stock is a 2-step process:
Step 1

Initiate your transfer
Contact the institution where your stocks are held and request that they transfer the shares to the
Scalpel At The Cross account at Charles Schwab. They will need the following information to process
your request:
Account #: 8184-8432
Firm: Charles Schwab & Co. Inc.
DTC #: 0164

Step 2

Inform Scalpel of your gift
Stock donations transferred to our account are not accompanied by any donor information, and we
want to be sure we are able to acknowledge your charitable gift of stock and send you the
appropriate receipt. There are two easy options to report your stock gift details. For any stocks
transferred to the mission, you may:
1. Submit the online Stock Donation Notification Form here or

2. Send the following information to us via email at info@
– Name
– Address
– Phone
– Name of Security/ Stock Ticker Symbol
– Number of Shares (If transferring multiple securities, please indicate the number of shares along with the corresponding stock ticker symbol.)
– Expected Date of Transfer

– Transferring Broker Name
– Transferring Broker Firm
– Transferring Broker Telephone
– Indicate if the donation is for a specific fund:
General Fund
Mission Travel
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