Miracle Campus Campaign

Restoring hearts and bodies in the Amazon Jungle

We are beyond exhilarated to announce to you the September 1 Kickoff of our Scalpel At The Cross, Miracle Campus, Capital Campaign. It is very humbling to have witnessed and to reflect on what God has done through our lives and this mission since we took our first baby steps in 2004.

The Miracle campus in a snapshot

The details of a complex project can trickle out into Intricate renderings, business models,  projections and much more. We wanted to encapsulate as much information in one page to capture the essence of the Miracle Campus. Read below.

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A Miracle Unfolds

Through nearly two decades, Scalpel At The Cross effectively delivered more than $8 Million of healthcare (JBJS), a metric paling in relation to the value of patients returned to livelihood, relationships developed and lives transformed.

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By our 20th year, Scalpel At The Cross (founded in 2004) seeks to break ground on a campus expansion, accommodating growing needs of our jungle surgical ministry.

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Cashibococha, a rural track of land, which has been home to several Christian mission groups as well as Scalpel At The Cross since 2004, has faced a barrage of squatting threats in recent years.

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