Scalpel At The Cross doctor comfoting a child before surgery

Medical Missions
to Peru

Our mission is to be a lighthouse for Christ through a medical ministry in the Peruvian Amazon region of South America.

Our Vision for the Peruvian Amazon

  • Blend Peruvian and American volunteers, our staff and medical professionals, for the care of musculoskeletal conditions
  • Serve the physical and spiritual needs of Pucallpan Peruvians, tribal populations, and the missionaries who serve them
  • Integrate educational exchange to catalyze knowledge and understanding of orthopaedics and rehabilitation
  • Track patient outcome for accountability to the highest standard of care
  • Seek opportunities to spawn Peruvian development in the industry of medicine and growth of the Church
  • Desire a spiritual cascade through the lives of American volunteers with impact to the communities in which they live

A surgeon’s call to service

The Meaning

Who we are and what we live, should rest right at the foot of the cross.


Scalpel At The Cross surgeon smiling to a child with a cast on his leg

Medical mission in Peru

The Location

The specific location is the city of Pucallpa, which lies in the Peruvian Amazon.


Scalpel At The Cross location next to the water from an aerial shot

Established in 2004

The History

The realization of a dream first conceived in 1998.


DR. PETER COLE & NANCY COLE with their 3 children

Statement of Faith

The faith

We live no longer for ourselves, but by the power of his Spirit.


Two middle age men sharing a moment of prayer


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DOCTORS serving peru
since 2004

our impact in the peruvian amazon

Scalpel At The Cross Member and a little girl with a cast on her arm taking a picture together

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