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Behind the Scalpel: Covenant Presbyterian Church

Behind the Scalpel: Covenant Presbyterian Church When one considers the word covenant from a purely secular perspective, it connotes the idea of contract, agreement, undertaking, commitment, guarantee, warrant, pledge, promise, or bond.  But looking at the...

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Behind the Scalpel: Grateful for Church Support

Behind the Scalpel: Grateful for Church SupportPsalm 67, v.1, begins with a prayer and plea, “May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine on us —“. This is our heart’s cry for God’s loving presence among us, and His provision to us, but...

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Behind the Scalpel: Luzmila Cahua

Behind the Scalpel: Luzmila CahuaA year ago, my dad told me about Scalpel At The Cross. I thought it was an interesting organization providing a good opportunity to learn new things and improve my English, but I did not think anything beyond that. After...

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Behind the Scalpel: The Cahua Family

Behind the Scalpel: The Cahua FamilyFaithful to our mission to be a lighthouse for Christ through a medical ministry in the Peruvian Amazon region of South America, Scalpel has taken almost 30 teams to Pucallpa, Peru over the past 13 years. While in...

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Hand Across

Hand AcrossHand Across is a group dedicated to providing aid to the local medical community in Peru. In coordination with Matter, a Minnesotan non-profit organization, Hand Across seeks to send a full shipment of supplies to the hospital that has worked so...

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De Mi Para Ti – From Me To You

De Mi Para Ti - From Me To YouSATC: Most memorable Peruvian Dish?TM: Final night dining with the team whilst a rescue was taking place under the pier at La Rosa Nautica.SATC: What did you learn spiritually on your trip?TM: I could see that God was working...

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Behind the Scalpel: The Prayer Posse

Behind the Scalpel: The Prayer PosseI wrote a piece entitled, Be Steadfast in Prayer, back in 2007 to exhort our stateside friends to wrestle in the prayer realm before, during, and after our Scalpel teams in the Amazon face warfare being waged in the...

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Behind the Scalpel

Behind the ScalpelHello Scalpel friends and family! As you are a part of our mission community, we wanted to update you on some of the things going on with our board! One of those items is a book discussion we have been partaking in for the past two years....

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April 2017 Update

April 2017 UpdateDear Family and Friends,I have been impressed by the calling on our lives … a calling to humble ourselves like little children so that we might know the joy of being in the presence of Jesus … the kingdom of heaven … a place where...

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March 2017 Update

March 2017 UpdateDear Friends and Family,Today marked two weeks since our last team operated on a patient. With two weeks of healing behind them, patients came to our first of four follow up clinics to have stitches removed, xrays examined, and a...

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