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The name Scalpel At The Cross provides powerful imagery. These four words capture the essence of a medical ministry which began as an expression of one surgeon’s call to service.

DR. PETER COLE smiling to a child patient

The tool of a surgeon

The scalpel is the main tool of a surgeon, distinguishing the surgeon with certain capabilities specific to his training and interest. The scalpel, therefore, symbolizes one’s career and talent, as well as one’s most vital tools and resources. A surgeon’s livelihood has demanded inordinate preparation, and a consuming commitment to the care of patients; so much so that surgery is not simply what a surgeon does, but rather what he lives and what he is. Surgeons are passionate.

All of this: our tools, resources, talents, experiences, livelihood, commitments, passion, in fact who we are and what we live, should rest right at the foot of the cross to represent not simply a donation, but a sacrifice of our entire life to God.

At the foot of the cross

The word at, signifies “at”…as in, not close by, not a phone call away, or just give me a holler, but rather right there– immediately present. The scalpel here is visible at the foot of the cross, not lying against it, on it, next to it, on top of it, or anywhere else in the picture. The scalpel is at the foot of the towering cross. The location at the foot of the cross represents humility, availability, adoration, and sacrifice.

What more humble location than at our Lord’s feet, acknowledging insufficiency and meekness in the shadow of His magnificence. At the foot suggests availability, “Here I am Lord right in front of you ready to be used in a way which would please you most.” At the foot conjures a sense of looking upward, or looking up to, as in adoration. Though the little drummer boy adored his Lord, he could only march his humble tune and drumsticks to the foot of the cross. That was his life and his life was his sacrifice. Those drumsticks are this scalpel, a living sacrifice at the very foot of the cross.

There is only one
 true God

Notice the word “the” in the name Scalpel At The Cross. The is a huge word in this context. The name of the ministry is not scalpel at a cross since this is not just any cross. As there is only one true God, “the” signifies the greatest cross, the only cross, indeed the way, the truth and the life.

Father God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit

The cross is strong, sturdy, skyward, and towers above the scalpel. The Cross symbolizes Father God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. These receive the scalpel sacrifice, look over it, use it, protect it, give it expression and great purpose. The cross is in fact the reason the owner of the scalpel exists in the first place, and the reason the scalpel lies where it does.

A scalpel is indeed a great tool of the physician, but only when it is razor sharp. The Scalpel At The Cross is far sharper and infinitely more effective in the hands of The Great Physician Himself.

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