October 2015 Update from Peru!

October 2015 Update from Peru!

Posted by: Dan Porch on Sunday, October 18, 2015

Dear family and friends,

When Jesus taught, he often took the simple, in plain view realities and used them to explain some aspect of life that is hidden due to our dullness. For example, he pointed to the flowers of the field for several of his illustrations. Taking the easy things for us to see and understand, he explained deeper truths to those who had ears to hear.

Well, several mornings back, I awoke early and walked into our little sitting area to pray. I looked outside, and in the darkness, I could tell that something was different with the tree just beyond our window. I looked more closely, but the darkness hid the reality from my eyes. It wasn’t too long before the sun began to chase the darkness into the disappearing night. And as I glanced out the window again … the tree, that had been all green the day before, was now covered … I mean covered in little white flowers … it was beautiful! And oh the fragrance that began to waft into our home. Two days later, the tree was green again … the fragrance gone.

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