Introducing our Recurring Gifts Program

by | Jan 22, 2021 | blog | 0 comments

Our God is good. This statement is something I have known to be true for the majority of my life. However, God reminds me regularly. At the end of last year, I was reminded resoundingly of His goodness. I was shocked by the generosity of many of our donors who made large end-of-year donations.

For non-profits in America, nearly one-third of annual giving occurs in December. At Scalpel, we have some really exciting news regarding the future of our organization. Stay tuned for our Newsletter regarding the growth and direction of our Mission. This effort was empowered by you, our generous partners. Moving forward we wanted to make giving as hassle-free as possible for you. That is why we are unveiling a recurring gifts program.

With our online giving platform you can set up automatic withdraws from a Credit Card or a bank account. This way, your not scrambling at the end of the year to make a donation. You can set it and forget it early on. To do this just visit our online giving platform, benefit is two-fold as it helps us with sustainability. As always we know situations are not equal for everyone so whether you are able to join at $5 or $100 dollar amount we are thrilled.

We prayed that God would provide for our organization and he responded with a resounding YES. We thank you for all that you do in empowering us to be a gift of light, hope, and surgery to the Amazon.


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