A message from our President on the Tragic Death of George Floyd

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The death of George Floyd, on the heels of the horrific killings of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, and our society’s emotional whiplash have been a vivid and heart-wrenching reminder of the reality of embedded racism in America. We express great sorrow for the pain of these tragic killings. Unfortunately such injustice has at times been ragingly apparent, and other times indolent if not quiescent; its reality experienced differently by victims of such oppression. Since Adam and Eve defied our Creator (Genesis 3: 4-12), indeed when racism was birthed, humankind has struggled with the nakedness of its sin. Scalpel At The Cross by its very mission is sharing the Love of Christ through our medical ministry in Peru, America, and throughout the world. The Love of Christ was supremely manifest by Jesus’ life and crucifixion, even to die for the specific purpose of washing the sins of racism and all other, from our individual hearts. We believe that by accepting this gift from God, we can Love our neighbors as our own selves (Mark 12: 30-31); in fact, we at Scalpel At The Cross advocate the same forgiveness that God through His grace granted us, even to an extent that we would love those who grieve us and indeed our enemies (Romans 12: 17-21). We invite you to rise up with us. May we prayerfully take the steps of self reflection – as difficult, painful, and uncomfortable as they may be – seeking His face on a path to reconciliation, and that the Church might lead the way. We invite you with a spirit of confession and forgiveness to pray with us. Pray for justice. Pray for peace. Pray for protection. Pray for our Lord to do mighty things beginning with healing.


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