August 2020 Campaign & COVID Relief Update

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Beloved Scalpel family it is with a heavy heart that I must announce we made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel our August campaign. Our desire to provide some form of COVID relief. As we continue to receive news and updates about the status of things in Peru, we’re concerned for the community we love and serve.
  • On Friday, May 22, the President of Peru extended the quarantine and state of emergency until June 30.
  • It’s estimated that 70% of Peruvians rely on daily work to earn a living. A majority of Pucallpans have been unable to work since the quarantine went into effect on March 16. Wondering where the next meal will come from is a daily stressor and fear for many.
  • 2 of the 3 government-run hospitals in Pucallpa have closed their doors, unable to cope and provide much-needed medical care.
  • While it’s hard to find exact data, confirmed cases of COVID continue to sky-rocket, as do COVID related deaths.
  • Scalpel At The Cross is not a relief organization. However, part of our vision is to serve the physical and spiritual needs of Pucallpan Peruvians, tribal populations, and the missionaries who serve them.
  • Our missionary friends and the local church continue to report that during this COVID outbreak, the need is great for basic provisions – food for those who have been without work since March 16 and food & shelter for those who have been unable to travel and return home to their villages as a result of the travel ban during the quarantine.

Pucallpa still needs our help. So, what can we do?

  1. Pray. Each Thursday at 1:51pm (+1 = calling code for the US and +51 = calling code for Peru) we pray for various topics and needs. Like our Facebook page for updates and join us in praying for our staff in Peru, our patients, and all the families and friends of the mission affected by this global pandemic.
  2. Donate to the COVID Relief Fund. Scalpel and our volunteers typically give by going. Now we have an opportunity to go by giving. Please consider donating today to the Scalpel COVID Relief Fund. Your donation supports the mission and helps us in carrying out our vision of serving the missionaries and the local church in Peru who are on the ground working to help alleviate these urgent, basic needs as a result of the COVID outbreak.

Donations can be made easily through our secure online giving portal here.

We look forward to the day we can return to Peru. Until then, we will continue to serve the community we love so much from afar.
By Grace,
Kara Rodriguez
Mission Director


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