De Mi Para Ti – From Me To You

SATC: Most memorable Peruvian Dish?

TM: Final night dining with the team whilst a rescue was taking place under the pier at La Rosa Nautica.

SATC: What did you learn spiritually on your trip?

TM: I could see that God was working on me as well as my fellow teammates. He knew what He was doing in bringing our team together and orchestrating a great sense of camaraderie and purpose. Through this experience I felt more alive to God, especially seeing how He was working in others.

SATC: Most memorable patient?

TM: The gentleman who traveled 24 hours by boat after his wife, who had been praying for him for many years, heard a radio message about Scalpel coming. He was then selected for surgery and later came to Christ after Scalpel shared the gospel with him.

SATC: Most memorable place you visited on your trip?

TM: The jungle between the clinics and the bunks. While the people and their struggles seem the same the world over, I am always struck by the hand of God in the beauty of nature that can be found in even the most desperate parts of the globe.