April 2017 Update

Dear Family and Friends,

I have been impressed by the calling on our lives … a calling to humble ourselves like little children so that we might know the joy of being in the presence of Jesus … the kingdom of heaven … a place where authority, peace, and purpose for life abound (Matthew 18).

And there is the ever present need to remember … to think on … to meditate on the words of our great God. There is a preaching to one another and a preaching to ourselves that must characterize our lives as we seek to see each one finishing the course laid out for us in this short race called life. I feel as though this has been a big part of our reason for being here in Peru these past two years … to cheer on and encourage in the faith believers … whether Spanish or English speaking … pointing them to the authority and power of God as revealed in his word and discovering with them the invitation of our God to enter into his kingdom work with great expectation.

This focus in our ministry is fresh and ongoing as we look ahead … but our season here in Peru is coming to a close for our family. It is always bitter-sweet to transition out of one ministry and into another. And I think the reason has to do with a realization that the work is rarely finished. In fact, the ministry goals we have been seeking to implement here with Scalpel are just beginning. The doors of influence are swinging wide open to this little medical ministry as a focus upon the ongoing life of patients … pointing them to Jesus … is taking hold.

Laurie, Lyndi, and I will return to the USA in June. I will begin work once again with Jubilee Community Church in a pastoral role in August. Yet the opportunity for many of you to continue to influence here in Peru through prayer will continue. Those who have supported us financially are welcome to continue in that support role with Scalpel. Our mission director will be in touch with you to give you that option. We look forward to connecting with many of you … sharing face to face how the Lord has worked here and how he
has shaped us in these two years.

Laurie is in Georgia for Anna’s her final week of exams and graduation from Covenant College. Anna then moves to MN for at least a year of prepping for graduate school. Lyndi will attend Wheaton College in the fall. Seth & D’Evan return to MN from Senegal in June for a four year training and preparation time before heading back to Africa. Benjamin continues to influence in the church and teach as a flight instructor in Minneapolis. Mitchell remains in Grand Rapids, MI where he continues to share the joy of Jesus with others and explore what God might have for him.

We are blessed … oh so blessed … and you folks have been a part of that blessing. Thank you for your ongoing prayer and support … so many of you … for so many years! Wow! Pray for us as we finish up these last few weeks here in Peru. We don’t want to miss any appointments the Lord has for us … even down to the final count. And you know that to transition well takes energy and wisdom. Pray that we will be good listeners for the Lord’s wisdom and peace as decisions are made. Thank you.

Pray for this ministry as we leave this part in the hands of my good friend and brother, Isaac … there are a lot of pieces.

Pray also for Peggy, our director, as she and the Scalpel board continue to refine the vision of this ministry without an expat family on the ground.

We will send you an update with contact information when we are settled once again in Minneapolis. All are welcome at our home … please come … just not all at once! 🙂

May this week find you humbled, like children, remembering his works … and filled with wonder and trust in the ability of our God to use your life to bring influence for the kingdom of heaven through your place in life!

With thankfulness,
Dan … for the Porches in Peru!