March Update 2016

This past Saturday we celebrated Easter as a mission community with many of our South America Mission (SAM) friends and neighbors. It was a wonderful time of listening to one another, speaking words that encourage, and of course, enjoying wonderful food. I commented to one of our friends that out here you can be assured that everything is home made … from scratch! ☺

Laurie and I had the joy of hosting this event here at the Scalpel At The Cross chapel which is an extension of our home here in the jungle. We sang old hymns and newer tunes and then looked into God’s Word together … being reminded that if we have been raised with Christ, we must keep seeking … keep living in the truth that we are beloved sons and daughters of God … a truth that frees us and empowers us to love those within our spheres of influence.

Oh, the Lord gave us a cool morning … which is nice when you are a large group in a small space under a tin roof that heats quickly when the sun shines! The rains came for a bit after we had all dispersed keeping our day cool … and muddy!

The early morning hours had been filled with a meeting in Pucallpa with twelve Christian leaders/pastors who meet weekly to pray and study God’s word together. It has been such a privilege to hear the heart of God’s Spirit in the responses of these men as we have talked through implications in our specific lives. God is at work here in Pucallpa and definitely has his people who are humble before him and eager to learn from one another even though they represent very different denominational and church backgrounds. Truly it is a delight to be a learner with them.

February was our last medical team for some months due to various circumstances. Laurie and I are busy with infrastructure here at our base and our connections with the church and mission community seeking to shepherd as there is opportunity. Lyndi is ever involved with friends … singing with her five-member band and trying to finish well her junior year of high school.

Our plan is to return to Minnesota for the summer months and be involved at Jubilee Community Church. Lots of pieces will need to be completed before we leave. Pray with us as we seek to discern the Lord’s mind on our house there in Arden Hills … renters would be nice! ☺

Ask continually for our hearts to be tender before the Lord … listening to his leadership … and obeying every word spoken to us. He is still able to lead his people!

We are thankful for all of you!

Dan … for the Porch Clan!