Dear family and friends

Posted by: Scalpel At The Cross on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dear family and friends, This past Sunday evening, Laurie and I presented a skit to our church, Jubilee, to help them visualize the hats we will wear in this new role with Scalpel At The Cross in Peru. It was humorous and yet sobering as we put back on the hat of language and culture learning for this new context. Would you pray and ask the Lord to grant to our ‘older’ brains the ability and facility necessary in learning yet another language for the sake of the gospel?

It’s not surprising that stress accompanies major transitions. Each one has its own unique challenges. The different stages in the lives of our children and the desire to provide what they might need emotionally and support-wise in the next couple of years adds to the stress of packing up for this move. Would you pray asking the Lord to sustain our children in faith and provide them with all they need for life and godliness as they navigate life with mom and dad being further away?

Is there much to do before you leave at the end of July? The list often appears long. Would you ask the Father for grace and wisdom to prioritize and finish what is necessary on the lists … trusting his leadership as we wind down these next two months?

It is interesting and instructive that when Jesus told Peter that Satan had demanded to have him that he might sift him like wheat, the direction of Jesus’ prayer for Peter was not for protection from the evil one but for faith. But I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail. (Lk. 22:32) As we come to an end of this season here in USA and enter this new land and seek to make it our own, what we need is for our faith not to fail but for it to grow in greater confidence and dependence upon our great God. Would you ask on our behalf, as Jesus did for Peter, that our faith may not fail but that with a growing confidence in the Lord we might strengthen many others in this same faith?

We read this morning around our family breakfast table from the story of Jonah, a man who fled from the presence of the Lord … but couldn’t get away from this great God. It was this very presence of God that poured out grace on a heathen city called Nineveh through the preaching of this reluctant, Jewish missionary. The result was that the people of Nineveh believed God and turned from their evil ways. (Jonah 3) Would you pray, asking for God’s very presence to be manifested in power through our lives as we go to Peru for the sake of his gospel proclamation in that land?

Thankful for each of you who are eager to enter into this ministry with us through prayer!

Peace … Dan & Laurie

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